Glee Dunbar 

Glee moved from eastern North Carolina to Bozeman with her husband, two dogs, and cat in July 2017. Glee received her BSW and MSW at East Carolina University. Glee has worked in numerous clinical settings including integrated health care systems with physicians, intensive in-home therapy, foster care, and crisis response. Through those positions and her most recent employment as a Crisis Response Therapist, Glee has been able to cultivate her skills in crisis work and assist those with varying backgrounds, addictions, and mental health concerns. Glee got the opportunity to focus on advocacy, education, and mental health of the LGBT community in eastern North Carolina as president of a local PFLAG chapter, providing community educational trainings, and development of a transgender support group. During Glee’s free time she enjoys spending time with her family, rehabilitating furniture, crafting, and outdoor activities.


Courses Glee Teaches:

AC 502

AC 506 

AC 507

AC 510


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