The American Indian/Alaska Native Clinical and Translational Research Program is soliciting proposals from investigators and community groups to support and develop research relevant to AI/AN health disparities in Montana and Alaska. Before you can submit your proposal you must register for the Landing Page Portal. See link below:

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Pre-proposals for pilot and development awards are due February 21, 2018 and permission to submit full proposals is required; applicants must consult with all Cores to receive approval to submit a full proposal. New or revised proposals are due on March 21, 20178. Proposals that have been funded by the AI/AN CTRP in Year 1 (competitive renewals of development or pilot awards) are due April 18, 2018. Applications must be submitted by the due date no later than 11:59 pm in the local time zone.

The American Indian-Alaska Native Clinical and Translational Research Program is soliciting proposals from investigators and community groups to support and develop research programs relevant to AI-AN health disparities in Montana and Alaska.

Year 2 of the AI/AN CTRP’s awards are anticipated to start as early as October 16, 2017, and will have an end date of July 31, 2018. No carryover will be allowed. Awards are contingent upon the availability of NIH funding. Facilities and Administration rates (i.e., indirect costs) will be held to 10%. Funds cannot be used support investigators’ time to write subsequent NIH proposals. Do not detail grant writing activities in the proposal.


Projects in basic biomedical, social, and behavioral sciences focused on clinical or translational research with AI/AN people are eligible. Investigators do not need to be affiliated with one of the partner institutions. Applicants cannot receive concurrent support for research from more than one NIH IDeA program (e.g., COBRE or INBRE, or CTR-IN). Investigators who receive IDeA support for research may serve as paid mentors on other IDeA-funded projects. Note that trainees are eligible for diversity awards even if the sponsor’s research project is funded via another IDeA award. 

Awards Collaboration

Applications to support projects will be awarded in several categories. For all project categories, we encourage, but do not require:

  • Collaborations between Montana and Alaska investigators or communities
  • Interdisciplinary teams
  • Projects led by American Indian or Alaska Native investigators

Proposal Review

  • All proposals will be administratively reviewed for completeness. Applicants will be notified of missing components and will have 24 hours from notification to amend the application.
  • AI/AN CTRP Community Outreach and Engagement Core personnel will review all proposals for culturally respectful research approaches and practices, including community suitability and acceptability.
  • Applications for new pilot awards (not competitive renewals of prior pilot awards funded by the AI/AN CTRP) will also be scored for scientific merit by external reviewers following the standard NIH criteria: Significance, Investigator, Innovation, Approach, and Environment. Applicants are invited to recommend external reviewers (who must have no conflict of interest per NIH guidelines).
  • All proposals will then be reviewed by an internal review process using the standard NIH criteria, and will include an evaluation of the project’s feasibility, suitability, and cultural acceptability for the intended community. Diversity awards will also be evaluated on the quality of the career development experience.
  • The highest-ranking proposals will also be reviewed by the AI/AN CTRP’s External Advisory Committee and recommended projects will be submitted to the NIH for final approval. Only projects with applicable IRB and/or IACUC approvals in place will be forwarded to the NIH.

Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients will be required to engage with CTRP cores and resources. Applicants for Pilot Awards and Development Awards are also required to consult with these cores prior to proposal submission. All recipients will report project and career development outcomes as part of the CTRP’s reporting requirements to NIH. 

AI/AN CTR Program Contacts by Core

Core Name and Email Link State Home Institution
Principal Investigators

Jovanka Voyich-Kane





Pilot Project Core

Jocelyn Krebs, Director

Kari Harris, Co-Director





Professional Development 

Jane Shelby, Director

Doug Kominsky, Co-Director





Research Design, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Tim Thomas, Director





Community Engagement and Outreach

RIchard White, Interim Director