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Graduate Council

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Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Idzerda, Yves Chair Sciences (Letters & Science) 3 6/14
Christensen, Anne Member Business 1 6/15
Codd, Sarah Member Engineering 1 6/16
Dyer, Alan Member Agriculture 1 6/15
Hassa, Devon Student Graduate Students 1 6/14
Livingston, Christopher Member Arts & Architecture (Architecture) 2 6/17
Miles, Mary Member, Alt. Chair EHHD (HHD) 1 6/17
Murphy, Mary Member Letters (Letters & Science) 1 5/16
Patel, Roshan Member Graduate Students 1 6/14
Ruff, William Member, Alt. Chair EHHD (Education) 2 6/14
Shreffler-Grant, Jean Member Nursing 1 5/15
vacant Member Arts & Architecture (Arts) 1 6/16
Reidy, Michael Ex Officio Faculty Senate -- ----
Hoo, Karlene Ex Officio Graduate School -- ----


Advise the Dean of the Graduate School on matters of policy.


As required


Voting Members: One faculty member from each academic college. Two members from Letters & Science (one from Letters and one from Science).

Nonvoting Ex Officio Members: Dean, Graduate School; Faculty Senate Representative.

Length of Term

One to three years

Appointed By

Nominated by department heads and elected by college faculty.


Current--Yves Idzerda
Title--Sciences, Letters & Sciences
Appointed By--Position
Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

Dean, Graduate School

Reports Due

As requested

Membership; Updated January 8, 2014