Montana State University

Staff Senate


Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Wold, Shana Chair   1 6/14
Court, Dave Vice Chair   1 6/14
Board, Andrew Elected Member Skilled Crafts P 6/15
Vacant Elected Member Classified Professional 1 6/16
Harrison, Deb Elected Member Off Campus Representative 1 6/15
Vacant Elected Member Classified Professional 1 6/14
McCarty, Wendy Elected Member Technical/Paraprofessional 2 6/16
McDonald, Linda Elected Member Secretarial/Clerical 1 6/14
Pino, Roy Elected Member Service Maintenance 1 6/16
Robbins, Joe Elected Member Skilled Crafts 1 6/16
Sparkman, Sylvia Elected Member Tech/Paraprofessional 1 6/15
Van Horn, William Elected Member Secretarial/Clerical P 6/14
Wilke, Deb Elected Member Service Maintenance P 6/15
Staff Senate Chair Appointed Rep Association of Shared Governance Leaders 1 ---
Court, Dave Appointed Rep Budget Council 2 6/16
Flores, Jill Appointed Rep Campus Sustainability Advisory Council 1 6/16
van Almelo, Justin Appointed Rep Facilities Services Advisory Committee 2 6/16
Marx, Kerri Appointed Rep MSU Benefits Committee (no union req) 1 6/16
Vacant Appointed Rep MSU Benefits Committee (union exempt) 1 6/16
Brekke, Ron Appointed Rep MSU Benefits (union) 2 6/15
Brekke, Ron Appointed Rep MSU Benefits Subcommittee - IUBC 2 6/15
Dorgan, Diane Appointed Rep Outreach & Engagement Council 1 6/15
Hahn, Jacob Appointed Rep Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee 1 6/16
Donahue, Ariel Appointed Rep Parking Appeals Board 1 6/15
Sadosky, Amy Appointed Rep Parking Appeals Board 1 6/16
Paceley, Merry Appointed Rep Personnel Board (union exempt) 3 6/15
McCarty, Wendy Appointed Rep Personnel Board (union) 2 6/15
Vacant Appointed Rep Planning Council 1 6/14
Sparkman, Sylvia Appointed Rep President's Commission on the Status of University Women 1 6/16
Vacant Appointed Rep Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board 1 9/13
Van Horn, William Appointed Rep Space Management Committee 2 6/14
Staff Senate Chair Appointed Rep University Council 1 ----
Vacant Appointed Rep University Facilities Planning Board 1 6/14
Wold, Shana Appointed Rep University Marketing Committee 1 ----
Ford, Joan Program Coordinator Staff Senate - ----

P - partial term
* - New Council/Committee


Serve as a vehicle for communication between the classified employees, Personnel and Payroll Services, and the MSU administration. Provide information and advice for the improvement of classified staff personnel management, particularly in the areas of policy and procedures.



Meetings are the third Wednesday of the month at 9 am.


Staff Senate

Length of Term

Members serve three-year, staggered terms.

Appointed By

Elections are held each spring to replace those members whose terms are about to expire. Nominations are solicited from employees in the category where the vacancy occurs and elections are by popular vote of the employees in that category.


Current--William Van Horn
Title-- Aerospace AFROTC
Appointed By--Elected annually after seating of new members
Length of Term--One year

Advisory To

The Shared Governance of Montana State University.

Reports Due

As requested

Membership; Updated March 26, 2013