Montana State University

Suggested Courses in American Studies Graduate Program

AMST 401, Seminar in American Studies

ARCH 425, Western Architectural History

ARTH 440, 20th Century Art

ARTH 451, Contemporary Art

ARTH 430, 19th Century Art

LIT 414, Literature of Place

LIT 420, Critical Theory

LIT 431RH, Studies in a Major Author

LIT 436, Studies in Emergent Literatures

ENGL 510Z, Studies in Critical Theory and Practice

ENGL 540, Studies in Theory and Practice of Literary History

GPHY 431, Historical Geography

GPHY 503, Settlement Geography

HSTA 464, Trans-Mississippi West

HSTA 407, Gender in the U.S. and Canadian West

HSTA 460, Montana and the West

HSTA 406, Anti-Communism in the Truman-Eisenhower Years

HSTA 408, Gender in America

HSTA 416, Race and Class in America

HSTA 411, History of the American Constitution

HSTA 450, History of American Indians

HSTA 482, History of American Technology

HSTA 412, American Thought and Culture

HSTA 486, Museum History

HSTA 468, History of Yellowstone

HSTA 470, U.S. Environmental History

HIST 502, Public History

HIST 503, History of America Before 1860

HIST 505, U.S. History 1860 to Present

HIST 513, Topics in Social and Cultural History

HIST 515, The American West

MTA 504, Film and Documentary Theory

NASX 405, Gender Issues in Native American Studies

NASX 415, Native Food Systems

NASX 425, Pan-Indianism in American Society

NASX 430, American Indian Education

NASX 520, Feminist and Gender Theories in Native American Studies

NASX 521, Tribal Government: Yesterday and Today

NASX 523, American Indians and Minorities in Higher Education

NASX 524, Contemporary Issues in American Indian Studies

NASX 525, Indigenous Philosophies of Sacred Ecologies

NASX 530, Federal Indian Law and Policy

NASX 540, Theoretical Positions in Native American Studies

NASX 541, A Critical Approach to NAS Methodologies

NASX 560, Native American Literary Traditions

PSCI 471, American Constitutional Law

PSCI 441, Montana Local Politics

PSCI 465, Public Administration and Policy

SOCI 427, Sociological Analysis