Montana State University

Academic Advising in American Studies

Getting Started in American Studies

Faculty members serve as advisors to students majoring in American Studies, providing a unique opportunity for students to create a coherent body of knowledge shaped to their particular interests. Students work closely with faculty members to build an individualized plan of study that explores the richly diverse traditions of American culture, past and present. If you are interested in finding out more about the American Studies degree at MSU, please call (406) 994-4396 or send an email to

Completing the Major

The program of coursework required by American Studies is rigorous and cross-disciplinary. American Studies students meet periodically with their advisors to select courses and make sure they are on track to complete their plan of study. To compliment their classroom studies, students are encouraged to participate in the following:

• Undergraduate research
• Internships
• Volunteer programs
• Lectures and public conferences
• Cultural, musical and art performances
• National Student Exchange program
• Study abroad programs through the Office of International Programs

American Studies Advisors

David Cherry,
David has been a part of MSU's History and Philosophy Department since 1992. He teaches courses in Greek and Roman History. He's the author of two books, including a widely-acclaimed study of Roman North Africa.

Teresa Greenwood,

Originally from Grand Junction, CO, she received her B.A. degree in English and an M.A. degree in Communication Development from Colorado State University. Teresa has been working at MSU since 2004 and was the assistant director of the CLS 101 University Seminar from 2006 - 2010. When she's not working with students, Teresa enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, traveling and spending time with her husband and her dog.