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Nicol C. Rae


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Cassandra Balent

Careers and Opportunities

A World of Possibilities

The distinctive interdisciplinary approach of American Studies fosters well-rounded intellectual development. Students will acquire career skills in research, writing, critical analysis, argumentation, and documentation. The kind of intellectual skills provided by rigorous, interdisciplinary study are increasingly being recognized as the appropriate foundation for success in careers and post-baccalaureate programs ranging from business and management to law.

Careers and Opportunities

A degree in American Studies prepares students for multiple career options where depth and breadth of knowledge about American culture is essential. Leaders in a variety of industries can point to their training in American Studies as a foundation for their success. An education in American Studies will be particularly appropriate for students interested in pursuing careers in the following fields:
Government service Research analysis
Foreign service Journalism
Communication International business
Counseling services Politics
Non-profit services Public administration
Museums Education
Social services Law

Careers with a degree in American Studies