Montana State University

American Studies Program


History | Politics | Philosophy | Law | Global Issues | Cultural Expressions | Art & Architecture Diversity | Foreign Language | Social Issues | Public Policy | Religion | Environmental Studies

The Program

  • Immerses students in comparative perspectives of the American experience
  • Engages students in the diversity of American life
  • Prepares students to confront, with historical awareness, the pressing problems that face our nation and society
  • Gives students flexibility to gain their knowledge from a variety of perspectives

Key Student Outcomes

  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Analytical writing
  • Knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity, globalization and visual cultures
  • Problem analysis through an integrated approach
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students

Students Who May Be Interested in American Studies

  • Students who wish to focus their studies on the complex and diverse cultures of the United States from a variety of perspectives
  • Students who feel their interests and imagination cannot be contained in a single discipline
  • International students wishing to better understand American culture