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American Studies Program

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Nicol C. Rae


David Cherry

Program Administrator/Advisor:

Cassandra Balent

American Studies Program

history art politics philosophy law global issues
cultural expressions architecture diversity foreign language
social issues public policy religion environmental studies

The Program

Immerses students in comparative perspectives of the American experience
Engages students in the diversity of American life
Prepares students to confront, with historical awareness, the pressing problems that face our nation and society
Gives students flexibility to gain their knowledge from a variety of perspectives

Key Student Outcomes

Critical and analytical thinking
Analytical writing
Knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity, globalization, and visual cultures
Problem analysis through an integrated approach
Responsible citizenship
Research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students

Students Who May Be Interested in American Studies

Students who wish to focus their studies on the complex and diverse cultures of the United States from a variety of perspectives
Students who feel their interests and imagination cannot be contained in a single discipline
International students wishing to better understand American culture