Description Price 1 Price 2 Final Price
Feminine Hygiene Product Dispensors



HOSPECO Gards   $200 $200
HOSPECO Tampex tampons   $250 $250
Install costs $1,500   $1,500
Total     $5,500


Background: This request is for the machines and supplies necesssary to provide free hygiene products in all of the bathrooms in the SUB. This is a growing trend across unviersites to provide this service to students. Faculty, students, and staff often may find thmeselves in need of these products during the day and night, but may be unable to go home to get them or purchase them themselves. I have spoken with Auxilary Services and Butch the director of the SUB and they have agreed to stock and maintian these machines if ASMSU supplies the supplies. 

Request: I am requesting for 12 hygiene product vending machines to install in all female/family bathrooms and 3 male bathrooms in the SUB. I am also requesting for 1000 pads and 1500 tampons to stock the machines for the first year. 

IInput and implementation: By providing these supplies to our faculty, students, and staff, at no cost, we will be showing our care towards their wellbeing. It is important to have the vending machines in male and female bathrooms in order to be inclusive and aware of all individuals comfortability. We are requesting that all bathrooms gendered or not have these machines because individuals who are comfortable entering any bathroom available to them may need these products.