Description Price Senate Use
Medical amnesty marketing campaign- physical materials



Medical amnesty marketing campaign- info events 1,100 1,100
Medical amnesty marketing campaign- social media 200 200
Health and Wellbeing programming-venue 1,600 800
Health and wellbeing programming advertising marketing 500 250
Health and wellbeing programming travel 400 200
Health and wellbeing programming food 570 285
Total 5,900 4,365


Background: This request serves two purposes: to provide a marketing campaign for the implementation of the medical amnesty policy and to allow for a pilot event for late night, substance free programming. 

Request: 1) Medical Amnesty Marketing Campaign. A) Physical Materials. To effectively reach the student body ensuring their understanding of alcohol policy, a robust marketing apporach must include tangible items. These tangibles are to include banners, brochures, flyers, pins/wristbands/shirts, etc. By utilizing these items, we will be able to physicaly brand our message and ensure students make personal contact with the idea. B) Outreach/Info Events. These events will directly facilitate conversations between students and ASMSU/OSE staff. The message will be precisely relayed to students allowing for questions, comments, and feedback. Furthermore, a successful event would help bridge the gap between the student government and student body. These events would also allow for giving the items from part A to the student body. Additionally, the funds would allow for food items to be provided at the events. C) Social Media. Social media outreach would have a profound effect on the success of spreading the news regarding medical amnesty. 2) Health and Wellbeing Programming. A) Venue. The purpose of the venue for these events is to provide a fun, safe, and healthy environment for students to socialize in. The venue would be providing a dynamic experience in a place/location students do not always have the chance to explore. B) As ASMSU Health and Wellbeing is a new position, marketing/advertising both the mission and the position is critical to its success. Part of this is successfully advertising for events. This portion of the funding request is paramount to ensuring meaningful student engagement. C) Travel. A main aspect of this initiative is to provide free to low cost programs for students to attend. As such, it is important to allocate cost for travel. D) Food. This would help enhance the socialbility factor of the event.

Impact and Implementation: 1) Medical Amnesty Marketing Campaign. By reaching out to students regarding their rights under medical amnesty and educating them about the policy, will have profound effects on student safety and wellbeing. Students in Residence Life to Greek Life, Off-Campus and Athletics will all benefit from understanding this policy. The benefits of this campaign will be longlasting and impactful. The ASMSU Health and Wellbeing director will oversee the funds. 2) Health and Wellbeing Programming. This program would provide a safe and fun alternative to drinking/partying for underage students on high risk nights. Particularly on-campus students would likely make a significant portion of the attendees. Regarding the lifetime of items, there are two ways to consider this. First, the lessons students learn, the friends they meet, and the experiences they make will shape who they are for years to come. Second, by holding fun and engaging events, ASMSU/OSE's image will be further bolstered and Health and Wellbeing will be able to directly interact with students. Oversight of funds will be the ASMSU Health and Wellbeing director.