Description Price Senate Finance
Vistaprint walking cards colored front and back



Vinyl banners 407.13 407.13
Sticker mule stickers 213 213
Facebook social media bumps 200 200
Two events with food 2,000 2,000
Total 3,669.13 3669.13


Background: Come November this year the citizens of Montana will have a ballot vote to either uphold or get rid of the Six Mill Levy.  The Six Mill Levy is voted on every ten years and has been upheld since it was first introduced in 1948.  The Six Mill Levy itself subsidizes state funding for higher education with a small land tax.  Each time it is upheld it does not increase taxes but insteads keeps the taxes that it has been since it started in 1948.  The Board of Regents recently polled Montana and only 48% of the population polled voted yes.  The support or the levy has been slowly decreasing for the last three decades.  This poll confirms the Montana University System's worst fear, that the Levy's support has dropped and will not be upheld in November.  The above request is for advertising and planning materials to start and sustain a support campaign run by MSU and other universities across Montana to try to rally as much support for the Levy as possible.  If the Levy is not upheld Tuition will rise about 18% and the Montana Legislature may take the Levy's failure as a sign that public support for Higher Education is low and Higher Education funding should be cut which would then result in an even bigger tuition hike.

Request: Walking Cards will be sent to MSU students via the mail. Vinyl banners will be used at the awareness events and be used to hang up around campus to spread further awareness. Stickers will be used to give out to students as a way to advertise via people's personal property like water bottles and laptops. The social media bumps will be used to advertise the planned events along with asking students to vote for the levy. Other social media will be dedicated towards spreading more awreness and information in regards to the levy. Lastly the two events will require a great amount of money for both food and further advertising.  The president and poltical action director are aiming for a huge turnout at each event.

Impact and Implementation: All of the above money that will be requested is dedicated to keeping student tuition low for the next decade.  The vote for the Six Mill Levy will occur in November of 2018 so the requested money will be used for programming up until that point. The goal of the above programming is to keep tuition low and affordable for the next decade.  Without the Six Mill Levy, tuition could rise by about 18% for the next decade at least.