Description Price Senate Approval
Scholarships for students in the LIFE scholars pilot program at MSU



Total $2,000 $2,000


Background: Montana State University under the College of Education, Health, and Human Development will be piloting the LIFE Scholars Program at Montana State University in Fall 2018. The LIFE Scholars Program will enable students with intellectual and developmental disabilities to attend classes at MSU and recieve education to further their quality of life, future job prospects, and enhance abilities in social and academic areas through classes, campus experience, and learning internships. 

Request: The $2,000 being requested would cover the expected program fees for (2) students in the LIFE Scholars Program at MSU in it's pilot year in the fall of 2018. 

Input and Implementation: The program fee in addition to tuition for these students is anticipated to be $1,000 per year per student and the pilot program aims to accept 4-6 students during it's first year. Providing two students scholarships for this program will enable Montana students with intellectual and developmental disabilites to attend MSU. The Office of Student Engagement and ASMSU could additionally offer internship opportunities to students in this program to broaden perspectives and diversity within the office and assist in developing leadership skills. The $2,000 upon approval will be utilized by the LIFE Scholars Program to be awarded to incoming students in pilot program for the academic year of Fall 2018 through Spring 2019.