ASMSU 2018-B-14


Sponsor:         Ambika Murali                                   Yes ____ No ____ Senators Present ____

Co-Sponsors: Nick Lyon                                           First Reading ______________________

                        Natalie Abbot                                     Second Reading ____________________

                        Scott Killian                                       


Vote Necessary: A majority                                      ASMSU Senate Speaker


Sections: 2-1, 2-4, 2-10, 3-4                                      __________________________________

                                                                                    ASMSU President                 


Effective Date _____________________     

Intent: To update bookkeeping errors and to clarify ASMSU Senate’s impeachment rights.         

Section 2-1                       General Provisions

C.       Impeachment and Removal

  1. The ASMSU Senate shall have the right of impeachment and removal of all ASMSU officials.Impeachment shall occur by means of a Resolution. If the Resolution passes, there shall be an executive session of the ASMSU Senate with the official in question. A vote shall occur at least one week following the executive session and removal shall occur if three-fourths of the total voting membership of the ASMSU Senate so orders.

Section 2-4                       Vice President

A.       Duties

1.   The Vice President shall:

(i.)     Carry out those duties delegated by the President;

(ii.)    Serve as a member of the Administrative Council;

(iii.)   Serve as the chair and a voting member of the PACE Board;

(iv.)   Recommend legislation to the Senate as deemed to be in the best interests of ASMSU;

(v.)    Attend all meetings of the Senate unless required to be elsewhere in an official capacity.

(vi.)   Facilitate meetings of ASMSU Program staff;

(vii.)  Oversee the day-to-day operations of all Student Programs, ensuring the accountability and success of each program; and

(viii.)Serve as the supervisory authority of student program directors, providing training, assistance, and guidance as necessary.

Section 2-10                   Senators

D.       Vacancy

1.   If a Senate seat becomes vacated before the installment of the elected senator, the candidate receiving the next highest vote shall be awarded the seat.

2.   If a Senate seat becomes vacant after the installment of the elected senator, the seat shall be filled following these rules:

(i.)     The open position shall be advertised for 10 academic days. Advertising locations shall include, but not be limited to, the ASMSU website, the ASMSU office and the buildings occupied by the college of the vacant seat.

(ii.)    Applicants shall submit a Senate appointment application.

(iii.)   Consideration of the applicants shall occur at a regularly-scheduled Senate meeting. Voting shall be conducted by ballot. The applicant with a simple majority shall be installed for the remainder of the term.

(iv.)   If after the appointment process a seat remains open it shall remain open to the given college for an additional three academic days, after which the seat shall be opened as an At-Large seat until the next senate is sworn into office. If that appointed senator vacates their at-large seat within the same term, the seat will return to its original college.

Section 3-4                       Advertising

A.       Student program director positions shall be advertised for at least 10 academic days.

B.       Advertising for classified employees shall be conducted in accordance with MSU Human Resources Department rules.