ASMSU 2018-B-07



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Co-Sponsors: Alex Lei                                  First Reading ______________________

Madison Kuehn                       Second Reading ____________________

                        Katee Orr

                        Scott Killian               


Vote Necessary: A majority                                      ASMSU Senate Speaker


Sections: 6-2                                                              __________________________________

                                                                                    ASMSU President                 

Effective Date _____________________     


Intent: To define the Outreach and Public Relations and Marketing programs as Student Programs according to the ASMSU Bylaws.


Section 6-2 Student Programs

  1. A student program has its annual operating budget funded by the Activity Fee and is directed by a student director.
  2. The ASMSU student programs will be as follows:
  3. ASMSU Campus Entertainment
  4. ASMSU Arts and Exhibits
  5. ASMSU Films
  6. ASMSU Productions
  7. Latenight Streamline
  8. ASMSU Elections
  9. ASMSU Spirit
  10. ASMSU Student Political Action
  11. ASMSU Public Relations and Marketing
  12. ASMSU Outreach
  13. 1011. ASMSU Diversity and Inclusion
  14. 1112. ASMSU Health and Wellbeing