Adopted 22 February 2018


Whereas,Montana State University (MSU) does not currently have a medical amnesty policy in place that protects students from university repercussions resulting from law enforcement and medical service intervention in the case of compromised health and safety due to alcohol or drug use; and,


Whereas,Implementation of medical amnesty policies on college campuses is shown to increase student’s willingness to contact emergency services for themselves and others when health intervention is necessary to aid impaired persons according to a Cornell study conducted in 2005; and,


Whereas,The Montana State Legislature has adopted changes to 45-5-624 in the Montana Code Annotated to protect those who seek aid from law enforcement and medical services in situations of compromised health and safety from alcohol or drug use even when the person affected or the person obtaining help on their behalf is under 21 years old and consuming substances illegally; now, therefore be it,


Resolved,That the Associated Students of Montana State University support enacting a university wide policy at MSU to protect students when seeking out and complying with emergency services to aid themselves or any other person whose safety and health is compromised due to consumption of drugs or alcohol; and


Resolved,A copy of this resolution be sent to Montana State University President, Dr. Waded Cruzado; Dean of Students, Dr. Matt Caires; Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, Dr. Betsy Asserson; Director and Chief of University Police, Frank Parrish; Director of ResLife, Jeff Bondy; Assistant Director of University Health Partners, Marci Torres; ASMSU President, Kylar Clifton; ASMSU Vice President, Micah McFeely; and The MSU Exponent Director-In-Chief, Logan Henke.





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  1. Montana Code Annotated, Title 45. Crimes, Chapter 5. Offenses Against the Person 45-5- 624