Adopted 12 April 2018
Whereas, Montana State University (MSU) does not currently offer academic or social support beyond “reasonable accommodation” to students with physical or learning disabilities; and,
Whereas, The State of Montana currently does not offer students with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Individual Education Programs, or IEPs, past the age of 18 and is the only state to not offer IEPs until the age of 21; and,
Whereas, MSU under the College of Education, Health, and Human Development is piloting the LIFE Scholars Program in Fall of 2018 to provide an inclusive college education experience for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. This program will aid students in academic growth, campus engagement, and career development; and,
Whereas, Programs similar to the LIFE Scholars program have been shown to be successful and practical for implementation on college campuses around the United States. Program coordinators from the Syracuse University InclusiveU program are working with MSU faculty and staff to design a program for the MSU campus; and,
Whereas, The Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) works to promote diversity and inclusivity and engagement of all MSU students on campus and the LIFE Scholars Program supports these goals; and,
Whereas, There is the opportunity for LIFE Scholars students to participate in leadership and professional development within the ASMSU office; now, therefore be it
Resolved, That ASMSU supports the piloting of the LIFE Scholars Program at MSU to provide an inclusive educational experience for academic and social growth for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.