Description Total Request
Food per meeting



Background: The Judicial council meets bi-weekly at 8pm at night on Wednesday nights. Accordingly we are requesting a small amount of money in order to pay for food for our meetings. Whether it be one or two pizzas or something of that ilk it would go a long way for the whole of the council. It would help to raise the morale of the council as well as provide for much needed food and nutrients during a very late night meeting. Additionally, the council only meets bi-weekly and because of this it would not be a large fincial burden. 

Request: The council is requesting 250 dollars for the academic year to be spent evenly throughout our bi-weekly meetings during the year. This would provide for a pizza or two each meeting or something that is equavilent. 

Impact and Implementation: The reason that this would have an impact on the council is because it would help to raise morale of the council as well as providing nutrients for the justices. Chief Justice Mac Gwinner would be responsible for overseeing the funds and all following chiefs would be responsible for mananging this small fund in order to provide for the council.