Description Request
Increased catering for 7 remaining Exit Gallery receptions


Increased catering for 2 art market receptions $100


Background: Arts and Exhibits is experiencing growing numbers of attendees at our receptions and exhibits this semester. Due to this, and combined with rising costs from MSU catering, we are quickly running out of refreshments at receptions. I would like to increase the funding so we can provide a friendly and professional environment at our receptions for student and visiting artists. 

Request: I would like to increase catering funding by $40 per reception for the 7 remaining Exit Gallery receptions, and by $50 for the two Art Market receptions. During our last three Exit Gallery receptions, we have run out of food within the first 30 - 45 minutes, and receptions last 90-120 minutes. This is in line with an increase in attendance at these events. For example, our first reception in Fall 2018 had 100 attendees, while the first exhibit of Fall 2017 had only 50. Our second reception had a 12 attendee increase from 2017 to 2018, but the rising costs of catering caused us to run out of food quickly then as well. for Fall 2018, our third reception had 112 attendees, while the third recption in Fall 2017 had 81. From to 2016-2017 academic year to the 2017-18 academic year, attendance at receptions increased by approximately 30%.  Based on the trajectory of these numbers, I believe we can expect reception attendance to increase about 25%-30% overall this academic year as compared to last year. The requested increase for art market is to relfect this trajectory. Typically, we have 300+ attendees at Art Market receptions. 

Impact and Implementation: This increase in budget would benefit most directly the students and visiting artists exhibiting in the Exit gallery and during Art Markets. By providing refreshments, we are creating a professional atmosphere, and allowing students and opportunity to see what gallery exhibitions, which are a career building experience, are like outside of the university. Have appropriate refreshments at receptions also improves our relationship with visiting artists who come to gives lectures and demos to students. Additionally, it improves relationships with faculty staff in the College of Arts and Architecture, with whom we partner with regularly, as well as providing opportunities for exhibition and employment to many of their students. The items purchased are for receptions, and this increase would benefit students throughout the year for the 9 total remaining receptions. Jessica Hays, Director of Arts and Exhibits, oversees use of funds and places catering orders.