Description Request
Increase in Lobbyist Pay


Increase in Lobbyist housing stipend $1,500
Total $3,775


Background: This funding request is to bring funding for the ASMSU Lobbyist up to real costs of housing and raise their pay to be consistent with the industry standard of MAS and ASUM.

Request: The pay increase is to bring the stipend up to $11 an hour for 30 hours a week for 16 weeks of the legislature. The total amount that this comes out to is approximately the same as the amount that ASUM and MAS pay their lobbyist. In order to continue to hire the most qualified people for this position it is important that we raise the compensation for this position to be on par with our industry peers. The housing stipend increase is to bring that amount up to what is actually payed since we have arranged housing with ASUM and MAS lobbyists for a total of 4,500 dollars as opposed to the $3000 we budgeted for last spring.

Impact and Implementation: The ASMSU Lobbyist is our voice at the legislature. They will advocated for student needs are are an integral part in achieving our goals for the institution. We have already hired a lobbyist for this year and they are an incredibely qualified individual who will work hard to represent us well at the session. We are already planning training for them with myself, Richard Wagner, and Tracy Elig the VP of Communications that will be completed over the remainder of the semester and winter break so they can start working at the legislature on January 7th.