Description Request
Appetizers and light snacks for 15- people at $4 per person


Ballroom equipment rentals $175
Marketing materials including 3 facebook boosts at $15 each and printing $60
Total $835


Background: This request is to put on an event dubbed "The Summit" which is set to host a variety of student speakers to provide a platform for them to share their experiences with mental health in a relaxed format. This is to encourage attendees to be inspired to seek out resources for help and learn to be more compassionate and better allies. Offices such as Counseling and Psychological Services and other student organizations such as the Mindfulness club may be interested in helping out with the event and providing resources at the event. 

Request: The iteems listed will help to build a cohesive and enjoyable experience for students to attend the event. Light snacks and drinks for attendees will be available to enhance the experience and make sure people have access to food and drink during. The equipment rentals are a necessary cost associated with using the conference and event services spaces for technology use during the event. Marketing costs will be used to promote the event through Facebook groups and paper marketing materials. 

Impact and Implementation: As the Director of Health & Wellbeing I will be responsible for overseeing the funds used for this event alongside our Marketing team for the OSE. The funds will be utilized by the event date in late January.