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Operations Funds for Bus for 1 Semester


Total $56,000


Background: This was the flagship campaign promise that Lizzy and I made last spring. We told students that we were going to bring a shuttle to campus and over 60% of them voted for us. This idea has already been endorsed by the student body. Furthermore, if you were to walk around campus and ask any student what is the issue they want fixed on campus the overwelming answer would be parking; this answer would be especially prelevant in the residence halls. This pilot project will give us the ability to address one of the longest standing student issues. I have been working with Western Transportation Institute, Office of Sustainability, and The Vice-President of Finance's office since I took office to create this plan and bring it to you. Additionally, I understand that this is a large request and I have been doing everything I can to minimize the risk that ASMSU has to take on in order to pursue this project. Last spring during bugeting Senate and Finance Board decided to set aside $100,000 dollars to fund a spring event. I have no intention of coming to you with a request for a full $100,000 spring concert because I don't think that is what students want and I don't believe that is the most effective use of ASMSU money. With that in mind we are going to have approximately $50,000, if not significantly more, in surplus budget at the end of this academic year. Our reserves already have over $600,000 dollars in them which is rapidly approaching the upper limit of about $750,000 for those accounts that senate set last year. I think it would be a diservice to students to not use the fees that they are giving us for services this year and simply put them in our reserve to be spent years from now. We can fully fund this pilot project without running a deficite this year.

Request: The funding required for one semester of running a shuttle for 75 days at 10 hours per day is $56,000. This cost breaks down to $75 per hour which covers drive wages, gas, maintenance and insurance for the shuttle.

Impact and Implementation: The shuttle will run on the route outlined in the graphic included with this request that I shared with finance board last week. The route will take 20 minutes with time built in for people getting on and off at each stop. The driver gets a break every two hours, so the shuttle will run 6 consecutive loops followed by a 20 minute break and then repeat. The exact start and end times are yet to be determined but I would welcome input from finance board if there are strong feelings about start and end times. I do plan on having a 'pin' stop that will have set times throughout the day so students can better plan their schedules around using the shuttle. In addition, students will be able to track the shuttle's location live on the streamline app. This shuttle will make it easier for students using the stadium F lots and some of the more distant SB lots to get to and from campus. Additionally, students on campus or in the dorms can use this as a way to quickly get too and from classes across campus; this part of the service will be extremely beneficial to any students with mobility issues and make our campus more accessible. My hope is that long term this project will be a cost savers for students since the price difference between and F and SB pass is $165 dollars as opposed to a shuttle which only cost a few dollars per student. At the end of the day this is a pilot project so it will not go perfectly. There will need to be changes to the routes, stop times and service hours and I welcome any input on what those changes should be. I would much rather work out those kinks at this stage than realize that we did not do our due diligence after we are committed to funding this project for several years. To show my commitment to this project if it was funded at the full amount I am willing to commit $5,000, almost 50%, of my discretionary to incidental costs of this project and marketing next semester to ensure a successful rollout.