ASMSU 2019-B-09 Word Document


Sponsor:         Stella Ryan                                         Yes ____ No ____ Senators Present ____

Co-Sponsors: Meriwether Schroeer-Smith               First Reading ______________________

                        Brad Tucker                                        Second Reading ____________________

                        Silas Teasdale                                                


Vote Necessary: A majority                                      ASMSU Senate Speaker


Sections: [7-1]                                                            __________________________________

                                                                                    ASMSU President                 

                                                                                    Effective Date _____________________


Intent: To decrease ballot inaccuracies within election affairs through the addition of approval requirements to the bylaws.      


Section 7-1      Elections Authority

  1. Authority of all elections shall be vested in the Supreme Court in consultation with the Elections Director.
  2. Ballot Approval
  3. Initial allocation of eligible seats within ASMSU student government elections must be conveyed to the Chief Justice following finalization.
  4. Any elections ballot must be approved and signed off on by the Chief Justice prior to release for the student body to vote on.