Sponsor:         Ambika Murali                                  

Co-Sponsors: Scott Killian                                       

                          Nick Lyon                                          

                          Amber Halstad                                                                                                              

Vote Necessary: A majority                                       

Intent: To add a section for Club Sports in the ASMSU ByLaws


Section 4-7 Club Sports Funding Board

A.   Composition

  1. The voting membership of the Club Sports Funding Board (CSFB) shall consist of four Club Sports representatives nominated by the Club Sports Council, one ASMSU Senator appointed by Senate, two at-large students appointed by Senate, one Recreational Sports & Fitness (RSF) student employee appointed by an application process and selected by Club Sports Council.  Club Sports Council will nominate a non-voting chairperson.  A staff member from Recreational Sports & Fitness or designee shall serve as a non-voting advisory member.

B.  Duties

  1. The CSFB shall allocate the designated fees as determined by the Club Sports Funding Board in accordance with the Club Sports Funding Policies. 

C.  Funding Policies for Registered Student Organizations

  1. The CSFB shall maintain a funding policy document to be amended by majority approval of the CSFB.