Sponsor:         Scott Killian                                       

Co-Sponsors: Ambika Murali

                         Amber Halstad

                         Connor Mulvaney                              

Vote Necessary: A majority                                   


Sections: 4-5                                                                 


Intent: Balance fiscal recommendations between the Senate and President   

Section 4-5 Finance Board

  1. Composition
  2. The membership of the Finance Board shall consist of:

(i) Three Senators, appointed by the Senate;

(ii) Three at-large students appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate;

(iii) The Vice President for Student Success or designee, who shall serve as a non-voting, exofficio member;

(iv) The Vice President for Finance and Administration or designee, who shall serve as a non-voting, ex-officio member;

(v) The Business Manager, who shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member; and,

(vi) The Senate Speaker Pro Tempore, who shall serve as the chair and will vote only to break ties.