ASMSU 2019-B-05 

Sponsor:         Jack Schmitz                                       Yes ____ No ____ Senators Present ____

Co-Sponsors:Ambika Murali                                   First Reading ______________________

                        Nick Lyon                                           Second Reading ____________________

                        Ryen Dalvit                                        


Vote Necessary: A majority                                      ASMSU Senate Speaker


Sections: 9-5                                                              __________________________________

                                                                                    ASMSU President     

                                                                                    Effective Date _____________________     

Intent:To correct a discrepancy between the Constitution and Bylaws regarding initiatives.                    

Section 9-5           Initiatives

A.      The students of MSU may make changes to the Constitution or Bylaws by

power of initiative.

B.      Initiatives may not deal with allocations of fee money.

C.      Initiative petitions must contain the full text of the proposed measure, shall be signed by at least

twopercent of the qualified electors. Petitions shall be filed with the Senate Speakerat least one monthprior to the election at which the measure will be voted upon.

D.      The validity of the initiative petition shall not be questioned after the election is held.