Adopted 21 February 2019

Whereas, Lack of easily accessible parking is a perennial complaint of Montana State University students; and,

Whereas, Montana State University has seen several years of record enrollment that has only exacerbated the existing problem; and,

Whereas, The existing F parking lot at Bobcat Stadium is underutilized; and,

Whereas, Increasing use of the F parking lots would help reduce congestion in the E, SB, and G lots located in central campus; and,

Whereas, Purchase of an F parking pass is a savings of $165 dollars over an E or SB pass and a savings of $485 over a G pass; and,

Whereas, The development of additional green transportation initiatives has been a priority for many students at Montana State University; and,

Whereas, The transportation needs of Montana State University are continuously evolving as the campus continues to grow and improve; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, The Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU) Senate supports assessing a Transportation Demand Management fee of $6.00 per semester on students taking seven or greater credits. This fee will be used to fund the creation operation of multimodal transportation initiatives for students. The specific programs towards which this fee is directed may change year to year as the demands and needs of the student body change; and,

Resolved, That during the ASMSU 2019 general election, the Transportation Demand Management fee will be placed on the ballot as a referendum for the student body to vote on. The students will vote yes or no on the Transportation Demand Management fee which will be assessed in perpetuity to fund the operation of an on-campus shuttle to help with parking demands.


Karl Swenson – Senate Speaker