Adopted 7 March 2019

Whereas,Many students attend Montana State University because of the affordability that our public university system offers; and,

Whereas,The average student borrower in Montana leaves school with $28,000 in debt; and,

Whereas,Montana’s Medicaid Expansion provides low cost health insurance for roughly 5,765 to 9,360 low income Montana students across the state; and,

Whereas,One of the current proposals to re-authorize Medicaid Expansion during the 66thMontana Legislature would institute work requirements that require anyone enrolled in Medicaid to work no less than 80 hours a month of paid work and/or volunteer hours; and,

Whereas,If individuals fail to meet these requirements for just one month, health coverage would be revoked for the year; and,

Whereas,It can be difficult for full-time students to work 80 hours a month consistently outside of their studies; and,

Whereas,That proposal would not exempt any Montana students enrolled full time at a campus that offers a student health plan; and,

Whereas,Students who are obliged to switch from Medicaid to a campus health plan would bear an increased cost of about $3,000-$3,900 a year due to the average costs of the monthly premiums; and,

Whereas, If these work requirements become law, an estimated 15% to 21% of Medicaid recipients that would lose their Medicaid coverage are postsecondary students; and,

Whereas,Early studies of this bill conducted by George Washington University, estimate 6,000-9,000 students would lose their Medicaid coverage under current the work requirements within the bill; and,

Whereas,No MSU students would be eligible for the said exemptions from the work requirements; and,

Whereas,Certain MSU students would be negatively impacted by the current exemptions placed in this draft legislation; now, therefore, be it

Resolved,That the Associated Students of Montana State University support the creation of a bill or compromise that does not revoke thousands of students’ Medicaid eligibility.