Description of Item(s) / Service(s) to be Purchased Price Price Price Price Price
(8) NEXO ID24 Speaker at $930/speaker $7,440   $7,440 $7,440 $7,440
(8) NEXOID-WM01-PW @ $128.25/speaker $1,026   $1,026 $1,026 $1,026
(1) NEXO NXAMP 4x1 MKII Power Amplifier $4,589   $4,589 $4,589 $4,589
400' 14/2 Speaker Cable $228   $228 $228 $228
(8) Panel Crafters Speakon Cover Plates $297   $297 $297 $297
Labor to install speakers $1,420   $1,420 $1,420 $1,420
        Total  $                  15,000.00  $                                       -    $                  15,000.00  $            15,000.00  $            15,000.00

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Type of Request: Finance Vote Y: 5 N: 0 Supplemental Senate Vote Y: 17 N: 0 Reserve

Background: The Sub is renovating the Procrastinator Theater. As of right now, they are making changes purely to the "front of house," such as changes to the projection system and audio system itself. We do not benefit from this at all because we run on seperate systems. However, their vendor has offered to also incorporate the ASMSU film playing system into the Sub’s. As of right now, our system for showing movies is "piggybacking" off of the Sub's projector, and the vendor would streamline it and combine it into one main system, which would be a huge benefit to the Procrastinator. This "integration" would cost $30,000 to complete. The Sub has offered to pay for half. Because the integration is so involved and intertwined, the Sub would have ASMSU fund the $15,000 surround sound system that is being installed, and receive the integration renovation as an “in-kind” donation.

Request: The Sub is putting in $130,000 to renovate the Procrastinator. If we do the integration of our systems, we will be able to take advantage of this renovation and will be able to use the state of the art equipment they are installing. Our current systems are unreliable- this year we have had to reboot our systems for 76% of our showings, and have had to cancel five shows in the last two years. In addition, audience members are kept waiting over two and a half minutes for 31% of our shows. We also are running into the problem that since the Sub  has a different system, they are not able to help with any technical issues that arise. By combining our systems together, we will resolve all these problems, as well as have the Sub staff and support if any equipment were to have issues in the future. By funding the surround sound speakers, as well as integrating our systems, we will be comparable to the local chain theater, with much cheaper admission prices.

Impact and Implementation: By combining our systems, we will be more streamlined, will not have to cancel shows, and we will not have to be constantly worried if our system is going to work every evening. We have many students and community members that go to the theater, and all will benefit from this renovation. Our audiences will not be kept waiting and the quality of our showings will be much higher as we will not be relying on failing technology. ASMSU as an entity will also benefit, because by jumping in on the “ground floor” of the renovation, we can pay for a lesser amount, but still receive the full benefits of the $100,000+ renovation. We are also saving money by replacing this equipment now, instead of when it fails completely. The use of funds will be overseen by Jonathan Dove, the Sub employee, who is responsible for the full renovation of the Procrastinator.