Description of Item(s) / Service(s) to be Purchased Price Price Price  Price   Price 
MAS Dues Supplement      $                          500.00  $                   500.00  $                   500.00
        Total  $                                       -    $                                       -    $                          500.00  $                   500.00  $                   500.00

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Type of Request: Finance Vote 4 N: 0 Supplemental Senate Vote Y: 17 N: 0 Reserve

Background: Montana Associated Students is the state-wide student body government. This year I lead an effort to reform MAS dues to reflect actual costs incurred by the organization through its lobbying efforts during legislative years and other associated operational costs. Long term this will save ASMSU money as by having a standardized cost at this level it shifts actual costs to smaller schools rather than having everyone pay small dues and then ASMSU and ASUM having to cover additional costs.

Request: We budgeted for $1000 in dues last year but our actuals for this year are $1500.

Impact and Implementation: Adopting this dues structure will help with MAS consistency and stability significantly and help establish ASMSU as a state-wide leader in this arena.