Description of Item(s) / Service(s) to be Purchased Price Price Price  Price   Price 
Initial Down Payment   $       35,000.00    $            35,000.00  $      35,000.00  $      35,000.00
Installment 1  $       10,000.00    $       10,000.00  $                           -    
Installment 2  $       10,000.00    $       10,000.00  $                           -    
Installment 3  $       10,000.00    $       10,000.00  $                           -    
Installment 4  $       10,000.00    $       10,000.00  $                           -    
        Total  $            75,000.00  $                                 -    $            75,000.00  $      35,000.00  $      35,000.00

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Type of Request: Finance Vote Y: 4 A:1 N: 0 Supplemental Senate Vote Y: 19 A:0 N: 0 Reserve

Background: The Student Memorial is a visually unappealing place on campus that most students are not aware exists. We are hoping to acquire funding that would allow us to start the redesign process of this memorial which, would then create a meaningful public space, allow us to better memorialize Bobcats, promote wellness by creating a culture that validates the struggles that students have gone through in regard to mental health, and create a space that will showcase student artwork. The past three senates have been in support of this project and have offered time and resources towards the redesign process, the Office of the President, and the Dean of Students office are all working with us to make this project happen.  

Request: We are asking for $35,000 out of the reserve account for Fiscal Year 2020, and four installments of $10,000 out of the interest we generate each year from TFIB from Fiscal Year 2021 to 2024. We are hoping that the $10,000 installments will be less due to fundraising efforts. The Student Memorial is ASMSU's project for the Day of Giving, which will be taking place in February, and the funds we raise from that will help defray the cost of this project. The total cost of this project is $250,000 and we would like to contribute $75,000 of ASMSU funds. In the vendor details above I have shown the numbers from the initial budget estimate. 

Impact and Implementation: By approving this request we will be able to start construction on the Student Memorial this spring. The redesigning of the Student Memorial will create a more meaningful public space, increase MSU's ideals of wellness, create a space to showcase student artwork, and help us to better memorialize those Bobcats that have come before us. Once we secure the initial down payment, we will be meeting with Terry Leist to write a memorandum of understanding so that construction can begin. The office of the President has agreed to match what we put forth and Dr. Matt Caires, the Dean of Students, will raise the rest through private donations.