Description of Item(s) to be Purchased Price Total Price Total Price Price Price
Venue: Rialto $0  $                                                      2,500.00 2500  $     2,500.00  $                           2,500.00
Emergency Services and Security  $170  $                                                          550.00  $                  550.00  $          550.00  $                               550.00
Contracted Entertainer (aerial) $0  $                                                          400.00  $                  400.00  $          400.00  $                               400.00
Ticketing  $0  $                                                      2,200.00  $             2,200.00  $     2,200.00  $                           2,200.00
Busses  $0  $                                                      2,000.00  $             2,000.00  $     2,000.00  $                           2,000.00
Film and Photo $0  $                                                          500.00  $                  500.00  $          500.00  $                               500.00
Hospitality  $0  $                                                      1,000.00  $                  500.00  $     1,000.00  $                               500.00
Backline  $500  $                                                      4,500.00  $                  500.00  $     4,500.00  $                               500.00
Supplies and Materials   $300  $                                                      2,200.00  $             2,200.00  $     2,200.00  $                           2,200.00
Agent Fee  $0  $                                                      2,000.00  $                               -    $     2,000.00  $                                           -  
Artist  $600  $                                                   19,400.00  $             4,400.00  $  19,400.00  $                           5,000.00
Bar $0  $                                                          140.00  $                  140.00  $          140.00  $                               140.00
        Total      $                                                   37,390.00  $          15,890.00  $  37,390.00  $                        16,490.00

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Type of Request: Yes No 5 0 Supplemental 18 0 Reserve

Background: This event has been a part of MSU Tradition for a long time. This event aims to provide a fun, engaging, and safe evening for our students. When we polled students in multiple different ways, a concert was the most voted for event each time. When we presented our different ideas of what we could do for the event, the ASMSU Senate voted for the event to be held at the Rialto. We have created this budget request with that in mind. We have also looked toward past budgets, as well as what was used last year, in order to create this request. There are two different options that incorporates different entertainers and artists that would appeal to the wants of the students. Concerts continue to be at the top of all our polls. PACE is excited to put the engery behind our Spring Concert into this MSU tradition. 

Request: Venue: We were given $0 for a venue. This is the cost of the Rialto.  Emergency Services and Security: We were given $170 for security. Rialto has a set pricing depending on time and amount of individuals expexted to be present. This is the amount that the Rialto requests based on the time and location of the venue use. This is extrenely important to make sure that we have a safe event. Contracted Entertainer: We were given $0 for contracted entertainers. In addition to music we are looking to have performers at the event to add to the overall vibe as well as provide entertainment. Performers we have looked into are ariel performers, dancers, etc. Ticketing: We were given $0 for ticketing. In order to sell tickets, we have to use a website, such as Eventbright, which has a fee based off of number of tickets sold. Busses: We were given $0 for busing. Due to the events and the situation, the event will be held off campus. We want to provide a safe way for students to be transported to the event. Film and Photo: We were given $0 for film and photo. In order to market the event for the future, having a filmmaker will be crucial to the success of this event in the future as well as for marketing and advertising.  Hospitality: We were given $0 for hospitality. This is the budget for the items in the contract that artists ask for, such as water or snacks. It is always included in contracts and must be budgeted accordingly in ideals of bringing in a professional DJ. Backline and Equipment: We were given $500 for backlining. This is all of the instuments, lighting, etc. that artists need in order to put on their show. They don't often travel with their whole band/equipment and therefore we need to provide it to put on the show. This would be varying between the two options. Food: We were given $6000 fo rfood. We want to provide appertizes and high end finger foods, desserts, and other treats for our students who attend our event. Rialto has a catering menu and $6000 is a perfect amount based off total # of people. Agent Fee: We were given $0 for an agent fee. This is 10% of what we pay for the artist. We have an agent who helps us book artists and navigate the contracts; this is only applicable to Option A. Artist: We were given $600. We asked for this amount because bigger artists will cost more money. There is hopes to have multiple DJs or artists to help transition through the dance. Supplies and materials: This is for GAF Tape, credientials, light batons, or any other misclaneous items that is needed for the event as well as decorations.

Impact and Implementation: This event will benefit the students who come to this event by providing an engaging, stress-free, and safe evening. It will also benefit the students who are working in the Office of Student Engagement by providing experience in putting on a high-level event, such as this. If the funds were to be approved, Chelsey Wilson will be overseeing the spending, in coordination with the PACE Board when planning the event.