Adopted 21 November 2019

Whereas, The Student Memorial has not been renovated since its original construction nearly 30 years ago in 1990; and

Whereas, The current memorial is visually closed off and not well known on campus or in the community; and

Whereas, The design for the renovation of the Student Memorial would transform it into a meaningful public space, usable by associates of Montana State University and the greater Gallatin County community; and

Whereas, Renovating the Student Memorial would intentionally memorialize students who have

passed away and demonstrate ASMSU’s commitment to supporting their fellow students on a

personal and institutional level; and

Whereas, ASMSU has supported this project since 2016 and invested money for architectural renderings and additional support has come from the Office of the President, the Dean of Students’ Office and private donors have also committed to supporting this project; and

Whereas, Updating the Student Memorial fits in accordance with Montana State University’s spirit and goal of promoting wellness, as outlined by the metrics of Goals 2.1 and 3.3 of the Strategic Plan; and

Whereas, The renovation of the Student Memorial puts forth the unique opportunity to showcase student art, which celebrates the artistic community of MSU and commemorates peers who have passed away; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the ASMSU Senate will support committing a total of $75,000 toward this project; and

Resolved, That $35,000 will be withdrawn from the reserve in Fiscal Year 2020 as a down payment; and

Resolved, That ASMSU Senate will support contributing four subsequent installments of $10,000 annually from Fiscal Year 2021 to Fiscal Year 2024 from fundraising efforts supplemented by the interest reserve account; and

Resolved, That a memorandum of understanding will be developed and signed, by ASMSU; Terry Leist, Vice President of Administration and Finance; and Matthew Caires, Dean of Students; to outline the terms and details of this agreement; and


Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be sent to Waded Cruzado, President of Montana State University; Tracy Ellig, Vice President of University Communications; Matthew Caires, Dean of Students; Terry Leist, Vice President of Administration and Finance; Candace Mastel, Assistant Planner of Campus Planning Design & Construction; Marianne Brough, Director of the Office of Student Engagement; Taylor Blossom, ASMSU President; Sophia Elias, ASMSU Vice President; and Julie Tripp, ASMSU Business Manager.