ASMSU Supplemental or Reserve Request Sheet       2019-Request-#05  
Date Submitted (dd/mm/yyyy) 3/8/19 E-mail Address
Person Responsible   Madison Kuehn Program Responsible*   Health and Wellbeing
Title and Organization   Director of H & W ASMSU Director Responsible*   Madison Kuehn
Phone Number   (719)287-7813 *If this is a sponsorship    
            Price Quoted        
            Vendor A Vendor B Total Request SENATE USE SENATE USE
          Vendor Name       Finance Board Approval Senate Approval
          Vendor Phone          
          Contact Name          
Description of Item(s) to be Purchased Price Price Price Price Price
3 vinyl pop-up banners for Hello Walk  $120 each for $360 from Vistaprint    $360 360  
        Total    $                                                                        -    $                               -   $360 360  
Signature of Director: Madison Kuehn              
Signature of Buyer:                  
On Campus:   Off Campus:       Type of Request:   Yes No
Index #:   Mailing Address:       Finance Vote 4 0
Dept. Accountant:           Supplemental      
      Contact Name:         Senate Vote 16 0
      Phone:       Reserve      
  ~This form MUST be submitted to the Senate Pro Tempore, who will present it to Finance Board.  Upon Finance Board approval, it will be presented to Senate.  
  ~Upon Senate approval, the form will be turned into the Operations Manager, who will process the request.  
  ~ If Finance Board doesn't NOT approve this request, it is STILL presented to the ASMSU senate. It will then need a 2/3 majority to approve.  
  ~ If this is a sponsorship, an ASMSU program director must endorse and cosign.  
  ~You must present this Request to both Finance Board and Senate. Attach any pertinent information to this form.  
  ~If funds will be used to purchase from an outside vendor, add vendor info as well as purchase options from multiple vendors.  
  ~Payment takes 4-6 weeks. Do not fill out grey areas.  
  ~Please contact the ASMSU Operations Manager with any questions - 994-6865  
Background: Concisely describe the background of the request.
This request is to fund a one-time purchase removed from the budget under the Health & Wellbeing budget due to the nature of the purchase not being a re-occurring charge. Approval contingent upon approval of the Hello Walk by the Senate. 
Request: Outline and justify the item(s) to be purchased or the amount of funding needed.
The item that the request would fund is 3 standing pop-up banners for along the mall during the Hello Walk on campus. The amount allows for a small amount of variation on the cost and thus is not specific because the materials will not be purchased until next Fall which could cause a change in price. A surplus of funds would roll-over and not be used. 
Impact and Implementation: Please detail the impact to the program(s) or student constituencies the request will benefit, lifetime of item(s) to be purchased, as well as who is responsible for overseeing the use of the funds, if approved.
The lifetime of the item is expected to be 3-5 years because it is an item that is durable. It will benefit the nature of the Hello Walk on campus which has been moved to the Health and Wellbeing budget to promote a sense of belonging and involvment on campus and positive interactions. The Director of Health and Wellbeing will oversee the purchase of the items and use of the funds in the Fall of 2019.