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  Canoes (2 @ 700$ each)   $             1,400.00    $             1,400.00 $1,400  
  Tents (4 @ 200$ each)        $                800.00    $                800.00 $800  
  Camp Stoves (4 @ 80$ each)        $                320.00    $                320.00 $320  
  Water Proof Jackets (10 @ 80$ Each)  $                800.00    $                800.00 $800  
  Hiking Boot Fleet (20 @ 100$ each)  $             2,000.00    $             2,000.00 $2,000  
  Shipping  $                500.00    $                500.00 $500  
          Total  $                     5,820.00  $                                          -    $                     5,820.00  $              5,820.00  $                                -  
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  ~ If Finance Board does NOT approve this request, it is STILL presented to the ASMSU senate. It will then need a 2/3 majority to approve.
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  ~ Please contact the ASMSU Operations Manager with any questions - 994-6865
  Background: Concisely describe the background of the request.
  As we continue to build our capacity for Expeditions MSU we are in need of increasing our inventory for several items.  Expeditions MSU is our First Year Outdoor Orientation Program that is designed to foster a sense of community, connection to place and help connect incoming students to on campus resources.  This year we have over 200 available spots on trips that range from canoeing the upper Missouri River to backpacking in the Spanish Peaks to exploring our local national parks.  As part of the trips we provide everything that a participant could need beyond their personal clothing.  This means that we need to be prepared to outfit 40+ students and student leaders for trips across all parts of Montana at any given moment of the summer.  All of the additional equipment will also become part of our gear rental fleet and thus will also be available to be rented by the general student populations and support other ORP classes, clinics and activities.
  Request: Outline and justify the item(s) to be purchased or the amount of funding needed.
  We need two additional canoes in order to save money by avoiding renting canoes for our Missouri river trips.  As well we frequently see our current fleet of four canoes all rented out on weekends and this would increase our rental capacity. Tents are the hardest used piece of equipment we have and are the item that we need to repair/replace the most frequently.  We need additional tents to support our trips this summer as we anticipate more need from participants and a high likelihood that we will need the ability to have extra tents in reserve for the inevitable damage that our current fleet will sustain.  This will also mean that when the program runs backpacking courses over a weekend during the school year we will have additional inventory to rent to students.  All of our trips feature students learning to use camp stoves and cook their own meals.  Much like the tents the stoves see quite a bit of use and we are need of additional stoves to supplement our current fleet.  Our current fleet of Water proof jackets is showing its age and we are frequently unable to meet student needs on our programs because of limited size options.  This would enable us to retire some of our more worn jackets and build capacity for all of our programs so participants who may not have the outdoor clothing can still participate thus reducing barriers to participation.  The Hiking boot fleet is something that we as a program have need for quite awhile.  WE currently are sending folks out in mountaineering boots or cross-country ski boots when they don't have access to adequate footwear. We would be working with a local Bozeman company, Oboz to purchase the boots. Again this would allow us to open our programs to a wider array of students who are curious about all that the Bozeman area has to offer thus reducing barriers to participation in outdoor adventures!
  Impact and Implementation: Please detail the impact to the program(s) or student constituencies the request will benefit, lifetime of item(s) to be purchased, as well as who is responsible for overseeing the use of the funds, if approved.
  If received the funds would be used to purchase tangible pieces of equipment that would benefit participants on ORP trips clinics, classes and other events.  As well many more students on campus would have access to rent a greater variety of gear and have more available to rent even when other programs are occurring.  Most of the items have a life time of 3-6 years with the exception of the canoes which should last 15+ years with proper care.  All of the pricing for the items rented would be based on amortization of the replacement cost and timing.  As the Director of the Outdoor Rec Program, Ty Atwater would be responcible for the oversight of the funds if approved. All items are purchased direct from the manufacturer or through a dealer.  As an outdoor inustry affiliate our program is often able to purchase at a significat reduction of the MSRP.