ASMSU 2020-B-04


Sponsor:                     Kacie Cummings

Co-Sponsors:             Ambika Murali

                                    Rachel Schmidt

                                    Lauren O’Neill

                                    Kassidy Lywandowsky


Vote Required:          Majority


Sections: II-vii, II-iii, II-iv, II-vi, II-vii, II-viii, and II-ix


Intent: To update and restructure the Student Bill of Rights of the ASMSU Constitution to reflect current ASMSU operations, values, and standards.





Rights II-ii

ASMSU shall recognize that all Montana State University-Bozeman students, herein referred to as Students, have the rights and privileges set forth by the Federal Constitution, State Constitution, MSU Policies, and any other federal, state, or local statutes, and shall do all within its power to ensure that these rights are upheld.


In Loco Parentis II-iii

ASMSU shall not act in loco parentis for its members, nor impose moral sanctions or judgements upon the behavior exhibited by Students beyond those dictated by federal, state, or local law.


Discipline II-iv

Students shall be free from arbitrary and capricious disciplinary actions. Any disciplinary action shall be on academic grounds unless civil or criminal action is involved, and in such cases the appropriate authorities shall take action. Disciplinary action shall not be imposed without due process.


Court Action II-v

Any Student or Student organization shall have the right to request that court action be taken against any party infringing on rights stated in this document. ASMSU will assist in these matters where appropriate and practical, however, it is not expected that ASMSU will act against its own interests.


Expression II-vi

Students shall be free to express opinions and support causes by orderly means. Student publications may be distributed on campus provided such distribution does not disrupt the operations of MSU-Bozeman. Student media shall be free of censorship. This editorial freedom shall entail a corollary obligation under the canons of responsible journalism and applicable regulations of the Federal Communications Commission. Opinions expressed in or by student media shall not be interpreted as official university or ASMSU policy.


Campus Policies II-vii

Clearly defined means for student expression and action on all policies, including those affecting academic and student affairs, control of student owned facilities, and the presence of on-campus monopolies, shall be provided and clearly outlined in the Bylaws.


Records II-viii

Any information about individual students gathered or acquired by ASMSU shall be considered confidential. This information shall be disclosed only upon written request of the Student or by a lawfully issued subpoena.


Resource Allocation II-ix

Student resources overseen by ASMSU, including Student activity fee dollars, shall be managed and allocated in a strategic and responsible manner to ensure the most equitable benefit to the student body and reflectstudent values and interests.