ASMSU 2020-B-10 Word Document


Sponsor:                     Rachel Schmidt

Co-Sponsors:             Anne Parker

                                    Lauren O’Neill

                                    Verena Lawrence


Vote Required:          Majority


Sections: 6-6


Intent: To better accommodate the workload and expectations faced by the ASMSU lobbyist and to expand the applicant pool for the position.


Section 6-6 Student Program Directors


  1. Qualification


  1. All student program directors shall be ASMSU members as defined in the Constitution.
  2. Exception


  1. An ASMSU lobbyist shall be hired in advance of the Montana Legislative Session. The lobbyist shall be a current activity-fee paying student at Montana State University, or a former activity-fee paying student that has graduated from Montana State University within 12 months of the Montana Legislative Session.


  1. Employment


  1. The President shall hire all student program directors. The hiring process shall be administered by the incoming President during the spring semester in accordance with the hiring guidelines.
  2. Regularly hired directors shall begin employment during the last month of the spring semester in which they are hired. Termination of employment shall occur at the end of the following spring semester for all directors hired by the outgoing president.
  3. Student program directors, hired under normal circumstances, shall be hired no later than the final regularly scheduled Senate meeting.
  4. During these last weeks the newly hired program directors shall train with the outgoing program directors.
  5. All student program directors shall be required to sign a contract. Failure to fulfill the terms and obligations of the contract may result in termination of employment and/or forfeiture of unpaid and unearned stipend.
  6. Hiring will take place as needed to fill vacancies as created by voluntary termination, involuntary termination, or new program creation.