ASMSU 2020-B-14 Word Document


Sponsor:         Kempenaar Pahre 

Co-Sponsors: Norris Blossom

 Margret Davies

 Maggie Kerr] 

Vote Necessary: A majority   

Sections: [5-1] 

Yes __4__ No __15__ Senators Present

First Reading

Second Reading


ASMSU Senate Speaker


ASMSU President


Intent: To clarify the use of hybrid technologies to facilitate senate meetings.

Article 5. Senate Rules

Section 5-1 Authority
A. These rules shall apply only to meetings of the ASMSU Senate.
B. The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall serve as the
authority on conduct and procedure in all matters pertaining to the Senate when not in conflict
with the authorities of the Constitution or these Bylaws.

Section 5-2 Session
A. The Senate shall be in session beginning from the first meeting of the Fall semester until the
last meeting of the Spring semester.
B. The first meeting of the session shall occur no later than the second full week of fall semester.
C. Meetings shall be held at least weekly during the instructional periods of fall and spring
semester, not including the first full week of fall semester, the last full week of spring semester
and finals weeks.
D. Meetings of the Senate can be cancelled only by a three-fourths majority vote of the Senate
and must be voted on at the meeting immediately preceding the cancelled one. The Senate
Speaker may cancel a meeting only if a risk exists to members’ well-being.
E. Senate meetings shall be held at a central location, but Senators who are not present in person shall
have the right to participate by video conference or other electronic meeting, at the discretion of the
Senate Speaker given circumstances warrant the exception, subject to any limitations established in rules
adopted by the Senate to govern such participation.