Background: The American Indian Council will host the Annual Powwow on April 10-11, 2020. This event is student led and held on the MSU campus. This is one of the largest powwows in Montana and the only college powwow in Montana that offers free admission. This is a two day event that will start with a grand entry on a Friday at 6PM and Saturday at 12 PM and 6PM. The powwow consist of not only the dance competition, but vendors, and concessions. During this two day event we also host the Native American Alumni breakfast, Fun Run/Walk, and the men's/women's basketball tournament. We expect more than 5,000 people to attend this years' event. Attendees travel from around the state, region and Canada to participate in the largest cultural event in the Gallatin Valley. 

Request: This student led event has multiple items to fund including the following: Head staff payout ($11,900), Dance contest payout ($8,475), Drum/singing contest payout ($3,000), Brick Breeden Fieldhouse venue costs ($12,075).  Any funding support to help with these overhead costs will help the American Indian Council continue to organize the annual event. Head staff are professionals in the powwow circuit and are routinely called upon around the country to lead successful powwows for individual communities. The payouts help the head staff travel to and from the event. The dance and drum contests are popular in the powwow circuit and are an encouraging factor to keep traditional ways going plus this payout helps dancers and singers travel to and from the event. Lastly, the biggest expense is the Brick Breeden facility use fee. The fieldhouse is the only facility large enough to host this annual event so the fee to use the arena is an overheard cost endured by the AIC students.

Impact: The American Indian Council members put forth a huge effort by hosting one of the largest admission free cultural events on campus, the Annual American Indian Council Powwow. The AIC members are part of the year long commitment of organizing and fundraising to host this annual event, which helps to build leadership and a strong community among the AIC members, and it also helps to bring together the Gallatin County community and Native tradition, along with promoting the ideals of MSU - scholarship, creative expression, cultural exchange, and leadership. By receiving this additional funding, it woud help alleviate some of the stress on our students to fundraise ,but it mainly ensures that our cornerstone cultural event, the powwow, will be a free event for the Gallatin County community. The American Indian Council executive members will be responsible to over see the use of funds. 

Finance Vote: Y:5 N:0

Senate Vote: Y:18 N:1

Description of items Price
Head Staff Payout $1000
Dance Contest Payout $1000
Drum and Singing Contest Payout $1000
Brick Breeden Rental Costs $2000
Total $5000