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Background: We are seeking help subsidizing the trip costs for participants of a weekend Outdoor Recreation Trip with EveryBODY Outside. Through a welcoming and intimate weekend for participants we hope to cultivate a sense of community and peace for students that may be struggling with feeling defined by a false representation of human bodies in the outdoors.  We recognize that part of the barrier for folks to get out in the outdoors and feel comfortable can be attributed to the cost of getting outside. By securing funding through your organization we can lower the cost of the trip to participants. We appreciate your consideration of this request and hope our message resonates with you.


The cost of lodging at the Jackcreek Preserve for this program will be $1087. We are in the process of filling out paperwork in order to secure the reservation.

The cost of vehicles for this programming will be $360. This includes the rental of an 8 person SUV and includes the recouperation of costs of use for two Outdoor Recreation vehicles- an expedition and truck. We will be using the same rental company as Outdoor Rec uses for their other programming.

The cost of gas for travel for three vehicles will be around $100.

$153 of the $1700 will go towards food for participants. This is about 1/3 of the total cost of food for the trip, and the other 2/3 is being covered by other partnerships. The $153 covers a variety of foods so participants are not limited by dietary restrictions, allergies or social stigma.


We have partnered with the DISC office, RHA and the trained facilitators from OHA to create an experience that elevates students, and a partnership with ASMSU is the final step to acheiving the following four goals for students:

1. Enhance body acceptance, body image, and positive sense of self
2. Provide a safe space to experience movement in the outdoors
3. Foster a culture of support and community for everyBODY
4. Break down barriers to recreation created by stigma towards diversity and acceptance

The funds will be managed by the Director of Outdoor Recreation, Ty Atwater.

Finance: Y: 6 N: 0

Senate: Y: 14 N: 0

Description of Item Price
Lodging-JackCreek Preserve $1087
Vehicle Rental $360
Gas $100
Food $153
Total $1700