Adopted 9 April 2020

Whereas, The Associated Students of Montana State University find it is essential to have an informed public debate as early as possible about decisions related to the University’s acquisition and use of surveillance technology; and,

Whereas,No decision relating to the University’s use of surveillance technology should occur without strong consideration being given to the impact such technologies may have on civil rights and civil liberties, including those rights guaranteed by state and United States Constitutions; and,

Whereas, Any and all decisions regarding if and how the University’s surveillance technologies should be funded, acquired, or used should include meaningful student input and that student opinion should be given significant weight in policy decisions; and,

Whereas, While the use of surveillance technology may threaten the privacy of all citizens, throughout history, surveillance efforts have been used to intimidate and oppress certain communities and groups more than others, including those that are defined by a common race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, income level, sexual orientation, or political perspective; and,

Whereas, ASMSU recognizes that among surveillance technologies, facial recognition is especially prone to racial and non-heteronormative bias, therefore such technology would create systematic inequality in our institution of education; and,

Whereas, ASMSU acknowledges that technology adapts rapidly, dictating the need for continuous attention paid to the benefits and harms of facial recognition technology at Montana State University; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That ASMSU condemns the use of facial recognition technology at Montana State University in MSU surveillance systems, MSU Police Department safety systems and surveillance systems, academic building access and entry, Residence Life dining hall and residence building access and entry, and in academic attendance policies; and,

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution will be sent to Matthew Caires, MSU Dean of Students; Kevin Gillilan, MSU Police Chief; Chris Fastnow, Vice President of Planning and Analysis; Emily Stark, Director of Institutional Equity; Ariel Donohue, MSU Senior Diversity Officer; and Taylor Blossom, ASMSU President.