ASMSU Senate College of Arts and Architecture

Representing College of Arts & Architecture


Alexis Hogart 

Office Hours: 
T,R: 2-3 
Liaison to ASMSU: 
Camous Entertainment and Elections
Ad-Hoc Committee(s): Space Management Committee 

Hi, my name is Alexis Hogart and I am from Anaconda, Montana. I’m a junior studying Music Education and I am studying French horn and I am currently a manager of the Spirit of the West Marching Band. I am also employed as the School of Music band librarian. I am so glad to be able to serve as a senator representing the College of Arts and Architecture at MSU and am truly looking forward to helping make MSU a better place. I look forward to working with people from my college and across MSU so feel free to come and chat with me or send me an email because I am always open to conversation. Go Cats!!!

 evan j.

Evan J. Burnett 

Office Hours: T 2-3; W 11-12
Liaison to ASMSU: 
Latenight Streamline and Sustainability
Ad-Hoc Committee(s): ADA Advisory Committee

Evan J. Burnett, native to Colorado, is a graduate student completing the masters of architecture program at the MSU School of Architecture. In the winter of 2013 he completed his undergraduate degree in environmental design at MSU. When he graduates in the spring of 2015, he will likely stay west of the 100thmeridian while working towards professional licensure. He has worked in architectural firms in both Colorado and Montana. Previously he interned with Miller Architects, PC, in Livingston, Montana.  At present he assists in energy efficiency and daylighting research with the Integrated Design Lab – Bozeman under the direction of Professor Thomas R. Wood, AIA, NCARB. He is also actively involved with the MSU School of Architecture, especially in the areas of architectural curriculum and studio culture.  Between the summer of 2012 and spring of 2013, he was part of the team charged with initial development of the School’s strategic plan. As a graduate student his current interests include phenomenological thinking, diagrammatic thinking, and the aesthetics of thrift. He currently is a teaching assistant for first year architectural design, where he emphasizes these topics to cultivate students’ skills in conceptualization. In the spring of 2014 he presented a method of conceptual diagramming called “A Few, Well‐Placed, Lines.” Furthermore he is exploring the intersection between architecture and hygiene within his thesis research.   Above all else, he believes in the promotion of student health, well‐being, and growth within the academy. An aspect of this issue includes proper resource allocation to the programs and specialty facilities required within the College of Arts and Architecture in order to maintain and ultimately enhance the quality of everyone’s education.