ASMSU Senate College of Engineering

Representing College of Engineering students
john c

John Cowles

Office Hours: M 11-12; W 2-3
Liaison to ASMSU:
Outdoor Recreation and Exponent
Ad-Hoc Committees(s): Budget Council and Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee

I’m honored to represent the College of Engineering for a second term.  I’m currently a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering.  Originally from the Spokane, WA area, I came to MSU last fall from the University of Vermont. My main focus as a senator is to ensure my fellow engineers’ concerns and aspirations for their education and college experience are represented and supported both within ASMSU and the University's Administration.  I’m committed to ensuring ASMSU is professional, accountable, transparent, and truly a benefit to our community in both our representation of the students, and the programs we offer to enhance the student experience on campus.  On behalf of ASMSU, I serve on the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee, MSU Budget Council, and Club Sports Facility Council. Within our organization, I’m a member of the Finance Board, Constitutional Audit Committee, as well as being a liaison to the MSU Exponent and Campus Entertainment.  Feel free to contact me via email or during my office hours. Go Cats!



Dylan Erwin

Office Hours: W 9-11
Liaison to ASMSU:
KGLT and Elections
Ad-Hoc Committee(s): Computer Fee Allocation Committee

Originally from the Portland, Oregon area, Dylan Erwin is entering his third year studying mechanical engineering. He enjoys spending his free time fishing, hiking, and taking pictures. His favorite fruit is pineapple. He is proud to represent those in the College of Engineering and don't hesitate to approach him with any questions or concerns, or better yet send an email.



Josh Soares

Office Hours: T,R 9-10
Liaison to ASMSU:
Productions and Spirit
Ad-Hoc Committee(s): NAIC Parking Solutions SUB Committee

Hey, my name is Joshua Soares and I was born in Arizona and raised in Billings Montana. I chose to move to Bozeman to be a Bobcat, and have never want to leave! My name is Josh Soares and I’m a senior here at MSU studying Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Accounting. I enjoy hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and long walks on the beach… you know, all the normal Bozeman stuff. I have a passion for engineering design and entrepreneurship, and the relationship they can have with one another. After years in the College of Engineering I’ve seen the great things this college can achieve, along with some of its issues. Both are the reasons I became an ASMSU senator and am honored to represent the College of Engineering. Looking forward to an exciting year and GO CATS!!!