Campus Entertainment

Campus Entertainment


The mission of ASMSU Campus Entertainment is to enhance the social, cultural, and educational opportunities for students and the University community through innovative and entertaining activities and programs. 

Stay tuned throughout the year for upcoming concerts, events, and parties!



Randy Mutschler || ASMSU Campus Entertainment Director 

Hello, my name is Randy Mutschler, I am from Leavenworth, WA and majoring in Business Management and throughout my mid to late teen years I have always been involved with organizing major events.  Event planning and organizing entertainment that people can enjoy is something that I truly enjoy, pushing me to become the Campus Entertainment Director with ASMSU.  This is a great way of gaining experience while building relationships with people from all over the world while also growing the Entertainment Program with ASMSU.  This is an amazing organization to get involved and I can't wait to see what I can bring to this university in the coming year. My goal for this position in the coming year is to bridge the gap between the university and residence life, to engage more freshman while developing a more bonded interconnectedness of other university programs, while also bringing tremendous entertainment to our amazing university in beautiful Bozeman, MT.