Productions Tech services

Productions provides lighting, sound reinforcement equipment and technical work force to ASMSU programs, university functions, and MSU clubs and organizations. Events which utilize ASMSU Productions include portable public address systems for banquets or dances as well as sound and lighting equipment for concerts and comedy shows. Positions are available for the crews that set up and move equipment.


Nels Tate || ASMSU Productions Director 

Hey, my name is Nels Tate, I am from Missoula, MT. I am a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering and specializing in Audio Tech. I love making, playing, mixing, listening to, and mixing music, which is the main reason I am here as the ASMSU Productions Director. If you ever need any technical help or want to share the latest track, feel free to stop by my office! My favorite thing about MSU is the inspired leadership. Everyone who I have come into contact with here at MSU in a leadership position, has not only been excellent at what they do, but also have inspired me to become the same.