Productions provides lighting, sound reinforcement equipment and technical work force to ASMSU programs, university functions, and MSU clubs and organizations. Events which utilize ASMSU Productions include portable public address systems for banquets or dances as well as sound and lighting equipment for concerts and comedy shows. Positions are available for the crews that set up and move equipment.

baby peck

Ron Peck || ASMSU Productions Director 

Hello everyone, my name is Ron Peck and I am the Productions Director for ASMSU and I am currently majoring in History Education with a focus in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. I began my adventure in Boulder, CO but spent the majority of my years growing up in the small metropolis of Denton, MT. My hobbies include DJing, hanging out with friends, and mastering the art of French cooking. As always, may the sun be at your back and may you paint with all of the colors of the wind.