I-9 Form Reminders

It is the employer's responsibility to make sure the employee name on the I9 form completely matches the Social Security card presented by the employee.

Each year the University submits a file to the Social Security Administration. If a name on the University's file does not match the registered name with the Social Security Administration the University will be fined. The fine could be assessed to the department, depending on who verified and signed the I9.

To alleviate this problem: When filling out an I9 for a new employee double-check the information on the Social Security Card to what has been written on the I9 form. When completing the I9 use the exact name printed on the card.

  • Avoid using nicknames or shortened names unless it appears that way on the card
    • Daniel vs. Dan
  • Avoid using titles before or after the name
    • Dr, RN, or Esq
  • Do not use names that have not been reported to the Social Security Administration. It is vital to know the exact last name
    • i.e. an employee is recently married or divorced and has not yet updated their name with the Social Security Administration
  • If an employee provides a name with apparent compound or multiple last names, carefully question them to determine which name is the beginning of the surname and which (if any) is the middle name

Each year the University sends the Social Security Administration (SSA) "Copy A" of Forms "W-2". SSA Matches the name and Social Security Number (SSN) on each W-2 against its database of all SSNs issued. When a match is found, the earnings information from the W-2 is recorded in the employee's lifelong earnings history.

The earnings history is the basis for determining an employee's future eligibility and benefit amount to the SSA's retirement, disability and survivors programs.

This is why it is critical that each employee's name and SSN as shown on their Social Security card matches the employee's payroll records and year-end form W-2.

(SSA Pub. No. 20-2005, ICN#437010)

I-9 Form

Please note this link takes you to the I-9 form on MSU Payroll forms site. The I-9's expiration date is 6/30/08 but the USCIS ( US Custom and Immigration Services) hasn't updated their version yet and this one will be valid until it is available.