Classified Employees

Please make an appointment for new classified employees with Auxiliaries Services Payroll to gather I-9 information, review the new employee employment packet and payroll information and answer any questions they have within the first three days of their employment.


A student is someone who is enrolled in one or more credits at MSU or another institution, is a high school student, is a College of Technology student or is an ACE student. Process a student EPAF for each student job they have. The employment period will be from the 1st day of the month they begin working through August 31st of that academic year. Fill out the I9, W4 and Selective Service form and forward to Auxiliaries Payroll by the 20th of each month.

Short Term Workers

Short Term Workers are employees who are not enrolled in any credits at MSU or another institution, are not high school students, are not College of Technology students and are not ACE students. Complete a short term worker EPAF for each job the employee has. Short Term Worker jobs are entered beginning the first day the employee begins work and run for a year. Short Term Workers may not work more than 90 days in a year. Submit the I9, W4 and Selective Service paperwork to Auxiliaries Payroll within 3 days of hire.