Overtime will be offered to permanent employees based on seniority within a classification* (i.e. food service workers; cooks; floor supervisors). In the case of immediate need for overtime, the offer to work additional hours will be extended to the employees currently working the 8 hour shift. Overtime shifts will be offered as a whole; the most senior employee who can work the entire shift will receive the overtime.

If no employees within the appropriate classification indicate interest in working the overtime, a blanket offer may be made for any Culinary Services employees interested in working the overtime. The blanket offer will be made in the form of a notice posted at all appropriate time clocks. If an employee is interested in working the overtime, they must verbally let a manager know. Assignment of overtime will be assigned to the most senior employee who has verbally indicated interest to a manager.

Employees may choose to receive compensatory time instead of overtime, as long as they have notified their supervisor.

If at any time an employee is confused about the offer of overtime, it is the employee’s responsibility to speak with a manager to clear up any confusion.

Note that management retains the right to take whatever actions may be necessary to meet operational needs in the case of an emergency.

* "Seniority within a classification" means the date of assignment in a particular classification.