MSU's Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual states:

915.60 Overtime-Exempt Employees

Individuals employed in bona fide executive, administrative, professional, or farm worker capacities, as defined in the Fair Labor Standards Act, are exempted from the Act and are not eligible to earn overtime.

Compensatory time on an hour-for-hour basis may be earned if the department has approved the earning of compensatory time, and should be kept track of internally in the employee's department. The supervisor must approve in advance all compensatory time earned and taken. The granting of compensatory time for an exempt employee is at the discretion of management and is not an employee right.

If the supervisor authorizes compensatory time for an exempt employee, compensatory time may be accumulated up to a maximum balance of 160 hours at the end of any pay period. Compensatory time should be recorded in minimum of half-hour increments.

For overtime-exempt employees, unused compensatory time will not be compensated in cash under any circumstances, including termination, or used to extend an employee's termination date beyond the last day actually worked.

Here are a few guidelines to provide consistency, as set forth by the Director of Auxiliary Services, for Auxiliary Services' Professionals as they relate to compensatory time (comp time.)

No centralized recording of time worked for full-time employees.

A 40 hour work week is not the threshold when looking at extra time worked. Professional employees are hired with the understanding that they are to work until the work is done, meaning this is generally beyond 40 hours for Professionals.

Professional employees will be required to gain written permission to utilize comp time when that request is at or over 16 hours of consecutive time. This request needs to be submitted in written form to their supervisor with justification of time accrued and needs to be approved prior to any time taken.

Professional employees requesting to utilize less than 16 hours of comp time require verbal approval from their supervisor prior to taking said time off.

Professionals will not be allowed to generate extra work in order to generate comp time.