Scholarships Available in Two Categories:

* MERIT-BASED Determined by 3.0 GPA or Higher and Essay Responses 
* CIRCUMSTANCE-BASED Determined by Essay Responses *may only apply to one category


  1. Scholarship awards may be up to $2,500 (award amounts will vary).
  2. Scholarships are for one academic year (Fall-Spring/Spring-Fall) l and will be split equally between semesters.
  3. Applicant must be seeking his/her first undergraduate Bachelor's Degree.
  4. Applicant must be returning to MSU after an absence of at least one academic year.
  5. Applicant must be enrolled in and maintain at least 15 credit hours (or as many credit hours are necessary to complete a program of study) during the awarded semester. 
    *If scholarship recipient does not maintain enrollment in a minimum of 15 credit hours during the awarded semester, the scholarship may be rescinded for the following semester.
  6. Scholarships will be applied directly to the student's account and can be used for tuition and fees only.
  7. The scholarship award will be made available only after verification the recipient has met all requirements below.


  1. A completed and signed Return-to-Learn scholarship application.
  2. A typed scholarship application essay of 500 - 1,000 words that includes the following:
    • Your academic and professional goals;
    • Why you have decided to return to MSU;
    • Your plan to overcome obstacles and succeed as a returning student;
    • Indicators that you have the motivation and desire to follow through with your educational goals; and
    • Any additional factors you want to bring to the attention of the selection committee.


  1. Be enrolled in and maintain at least 15 credit hours (or as many credit hours are necessary to complete a program of study) for the semester.
  2. Attend the Return-Learn-Scholar Orientation, scheduled at the beginning of each semester
  3. Meet with a Return-to-Learn Advisor to discuss effective practices for academic success to include developing an individualized Academic and Career Success Plan.
  4. Follow the Academic and Career Success Plan developed during the initial meeting with your Return-to-Learn Advisor. The requirements may include but are not limited to:
    1. Meetings with Faculty, Academic Advisor, Success Advisor, Career Coach and/or Financial Coach (many of these meetings will require more than two visits per semester - your individualized Academic and Career Success Plan will outline the number of required meetings).
    2. Time management/planning sessions.
    3. Attendance at workshops or events that will enhance your educational experience.
    4. Participation in the Bobcat Mentoring Program.
    5. Participation in the SmartyCats Tutoring program.
  5. Meet with an Academic Advisor to review your Academic and Career Success Plan.
  6. Complete the Strong Interest Inventory (career planning tool) and discuss your personalized results with a Career Coach.
  7. Attend or participate in other programs or services designed to support your Academic and Career Success Plan.
  8. Pass all courses and achieve a 3.0 semester GPA or higher.
Apply early for priority consideration.