Current Term University Withdrawal


Undergraduate students can complete a university withdrawal with the Registrar's Office, if they wish to withdrawal from ALL of their current academic semester courses. Students can call 406-994-6650 or stop by 101 Montana Hall to withdraw. It is recommended that students also call 406-994-4388 or stop by SUB 152 to meet with a Financial Coach to discuss the implications of repaying financial aid or loans when choosing to withdraw.

Graduate students withdrawing from all current classes need to work with the Graduate School.

Graduate School Withdrawal Process
Montana Hall 108

Individual Class Withdrawals

Students who seek to drop one or more courses but not all, should download the Add/Drop Request Form, fill out the form, and then submit the form for processing to the Office of the Registrar.

Students who would like to drop one course, but it is their only course, must pursue a University Withdrawal through the Registrar's Office. 


Fall and Spring

A student who withdraws from their classes before the end of the 15th day of the semester will not receive grades for any of their courses. Any withdraws after the 15th day of class through the last day to withdraw, will receive a "W" grade in the courses taken.

All information concerning Current Term Withdrawals can be found in the Registration Handbook published by the Office of the Registrar.

Please note that arrangements for Financial Aid (406-994-2845) and Residence Life (406-994-2661) will require separate processes which may have alternative deadlines.

Spring and Fall Semester Withdrawal Dates
Days of Instruction Percent Refunded * Grade Shown
Prior to First Day of Class 100% None
1st-5th Class Day 90% None
6th-10th Class Day 75% None
11th-15th Class Day 50% None
16th Class Day Until Drop Deadline 0% "W"

* While the registration fee ($30), tuition payment plan processing fee, orientation fee, ID fee, late fees, social fee, foreign student fee and dorm deposit are not refundable, all other tuition and fees will be refunded based upon the above schedule.


A student who withdraws in the summer must refer to the summer bulletin, available at the Office of the Registrar for applicable withdraw dates. Timelines for withdrawing may differ for each class session. The summer dates may also be found here:

Additional Information

If you are enrolled for only one course and wish to discontinue that course, you must complete a University Withdrawal.

Failure to Withdraw In the Allotted Time: A student who leaves the campus without withdrawing his or her registration through regular channels will receive “F” grades in all courses for which he or she was registered.

Withdrawals Due to Extraordinary Circumstances:  If a student is seeking any type of consideration for their withdrawal (due to health reasons, personal or family emergency, etc.) they should follow the Retroactive University Withdrawal Process through the Dean of Students Office. Students should still follow standard withdrawal process through the Registrar's Office.

Financial Aid and Loans: Any financial aid adjustment will be determined separately from the tuition refund. Please refer to Students with questions regarding their aid adjustment should contact the Office of Financial Aid Services.

Students that have questions regarding loan repayment and budgeting after completing a withdrawal should attend a Financial Coaching appointment. Financial Coaches counsel students on loan repayment options, setting budgets, savings and more. Call the Office of Financial Education (406) 994-4388 to set-up a Financial Coaching appointment.

Returning to Montana State University: When and if you feel that returning to Montana State University is within your best interest we recommend utilizing the Return-to-Learn Program to help identify which program you are interested in as well as different resources to help you be successful during the remainder of your academic career as MSU. The Return-to-Learn staff can guide you through the steps necessary for returning to MSU. For further information on re-enrollment and the Return-to-Learn program please visit their website


I only want to drop one or a couple, but not all of my classes, what do I do?
If a student is only dropping one or a couple of their classes but not all of their classes they must complete the "Add/Drop" form. This form can be downloaded at

I'm only enrolled in one course do I still need to complete a University Withdrawal?
Yes, anytime a student is dropping to zero credits they must schedule a University Withdrawal appointment with the Registrar's office by calling (406) 994-6650 or visiting 101 Montana Hall.

How long will it take for my University Withdrawal to be completed?
The day that a student contacts the Registrar's Office to withdrawal, is the day that our records will show the student initiated their withdrawal. Processing the withdraw may take up to 6 weeks to be completed, as the paperwork for one withdrawal must be processed through six different offices on campus. 

How much and when will I receive my refund?
The refund a student receives is based upon the date the student contacted the Registrar's Office to begin the withdrawal process. For a list of the refund deadlines please visit the Registration Handbook for the term from which you are withdrawing.

The Student Accounts Office is the final office to process the withdrawal paperwork and is also the office that coordinates a refund if applicable; this may take up to six weeks. For questions regarding a refund that is in process please contact Student Accounts at (406) 994-1991.

How long may I stay in the Residence Hall or on-campus housing after I withdraw?
Upon completing their withdrawal paperwork at the Registrar's Office, the student needs to meet with their Residence Director, complete the appropriate documents and be checked out of their room within 72 hours. For further information please contact the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 or Family and Graduate Housing at 406-994-3730.